Supporting the development and deployment of advanced metering
infrastructures in Europe

Meter-ON is a coordination and support action to steer the implementation of smart metering
solutions throughout Europe by effectively collecting the most successful experiences in the
field and highlighting the conditions that enabled their development. On the basis of the
lessons learned the goal of Meter-ON will be to provide to any stakeholder an open
information platform with clear recommendations on how to tackle the technical barriers and
the regulatory obstacles endangering the uptake of smart metering technologies and
solutions in Europe.

Meter-ON approach is based on the experience gained through completed, on-going or
planned smart-metering projects. Meter-ON results will be delivered in a three-step approach
consisting of: i) collection of smart metering projects, ii) per-project analysis according to the identified set of information domains, iii) recommendations on the way forward based on the     lessons learned from the most successful smart metering experiences.

For further information or to share information on your smart metering project, please contact:

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Running project (since 2012)


Project partners:
EDSO for Smart Grids, BE
Zabala Innovation Consulting, ES


Funding programme:
Funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. 
Meter-ON had applied to the call of proposals FP7-ENERGY-2012-1-1STAGE.

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