MAI - Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate

The “Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate” offers the possibility to calculate mid- and long-term costs (in terms of money, time, CO2 emissions, accident risk) associated with the place of residence to be evaluated. It concentrates on both the real estate buyers or tenants and the real estate market."The Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate" applies where traffic and “forced” mobility occur and where the place of residence is chosen, and it offers a positive contribution to more conscientious mobility behaviour.The development of a Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate" is part of the research programme "ways2go", financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) as the programme owner.

The choice of residence and the effects

About 10 % of the population living in Austria is moving every year from one apartment to a new one. The choice of a place of residence is usually an important, long-term decision requiring a high level of investment capital. It is no exaggeration to say that the choice of residence or place of operations is one of the most important decisions for people and firms. With this mind, such decisions should be considered together with their consequences. Moreover, such locational decisions provide the basis for mobility behaviour. The broad mid- and long term consequences of locational decisions are not understood by most people. More often than not, decisions are made based on a real estate object that appears attractive from the standpoint of price and living qualities without considering the consequences associated with long commute times or ”forced mobility” both for work and leisure travel. The ”Energy Pass for Real Estate“ is an important instrument for improving conscientiousness in terms of operational costs of real estate and environmental impacts. 

Objective of the research and the development of a "Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate"

With the “Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate“, a tool will be developed that will allow users to realistically assess the mid- and long-term effects of choosing a place of residence. It will function as a support, an incentive for better mobility behaviour and as a service for real estate agents. And it will show the user (buyer/tenant) his/her mobility patterns, which are depended on his/her housing situation and mobility habits. The relationship between the selection of location and the mobility behaviour will show the effects to time, costs (money), environment (CO2 emissions) and the accident risk. 

Aims of the “Mobility Pass for Residential Real Estate”:
  • Designing an instrument for the individual need of an adjusted residential-location
  • Advice for changing mobility behaviour
  • Orientation for tenants and purchaser, when buying a house or an apartment
  • Marketing instrument for the real estate industry/real estate agents
  • More integration of the “mobility” subject into the evaluation of real estate

Finished Project (2010-2012)

Online tool
(only in german)

Project partner:
HERRY Consult
KfV – Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit 
FH Wien – Institut für Immobilienwirtschaft 

Project support:
WKO – Fachverband der Immobilien- und Vermögenstreuhänder

BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft

Programme owner:
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Funding programme:

Programme management:
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

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