Large Scale Innovative and Mobile European Services for Culture Tourism in Rural Areas

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The LIMES large-scale Demonstrator contributes to the valorization of mobile services for sustainable tourism in all 10 European countries along the Roman limes and supports the mobility in rural European regions by highly innovative mobile services. 10 EU member states, historically and culturally connected by the Roman limes, will identify services for tourism and mobility in rural areas. These services will be showcased in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. A “role model” for applications will be developed with representatives of seven additional limes countries in order to connect all limes sites via mobile services. Additionally, opportunities for new touristic businesses along the limes will be explored.


The five main objectives are:

1. to network touristic sites along the limes in all respective countries of the Roman limes via mobile services;

2. to develop and implement innovative mobile services along the limes

3. to support via these services the establishment of new businesses along the route;

4. to create income and jobs for rural areas,

5. to make the European identity, uniqueness and history visible and perceptible for visitors all over the world – and the locals as well.


The Roman limes is the only European cultural heritage which binds together 10 European countries: From the North-West in the United Kingdom to the South-East in Bulgaria it is a unique monument for many regions and partly already nominated UNESCO world heritage. Following the limes European history becomes alive, because the limes was not only a fortification wall against the “northern barbarians”, it was also a precondition to bring cultural Roman life to all the connected countries. In the LIMES project, the former fortification of the Roman Empire gets an outstanding chance for a future in European culture tourism in rural areas.

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Running Project (since 2011)


Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland (Koordination) (

INI-Novation, Bulgarien


Stadt Ruse, Bulgarien

Mar.Vis, Deutschland


Funding programme:
Eurpean Mobility and Mobile Indurtries Alliance (EMMIA)