Assessing Territorial Attractiveness in South-East Europe

Attract-SEE aims to establish a common territorial monitoring framework in the South East European region to support coordination among different development and sectoral policies to achieve territorial cohesion and development goals.

In order to set up an effective monitoring system a ‘Common Territorial Monitoring Framework’ will be created, together with relevant tools. The objective is to establish a monitoring system model that will provide useful outputs and support evidence-based policy development
and implementation in all partner countries and regions. By means of the establishment of a shared system of indicators, the model can be applied to monitoring territorial quality and  attractiveness.

Improving communication and cooperation among different policy and decision makers and national and regional stakeholders is also a project priority. For this purpose, a
policy coordination process will be designed, promoting and supporting participation and involvement of all relevant stakeholders, including policy and decision makers from different sectors and administrative levels.

The strategic coordination of the project partners is supposed to be a long-term and continuous
process. Therefore, the improvement of its capacities and the progress throughout the process are very important. A collection of guidelines in the form of a handbook with the focus on strategic coordination will be elaborated. Additionally, there will be workshops with involved stakeholders in order to create and/or strengthen long-lasting stakeholder-networks that are responsible for the coordination of strategic targets and measures of implementation.

Establishing territorial monitoring framework through an efficient coordination of strategic concepts and a better stakeholder network contributes to a better adjustment between public strategies and concepts. This contribution leads to better decisions based on spatial-related knowledge and to a more efficient way in order to reach targeted aims for territorial cohesion.

Results of the project Attract-SEE should be considered as an important outcome by politicians and stakeholders when trying to establish cooperation and build (transnational) networks between SEE-countries. The role of spatial information related to strengthen social cohesion and growth in southeast-Europe should become even more important.

Running Project (since October 2012)

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EU-Infothek: Attract-SEE Assessing Territorial Attractiveness in South-East-Europe

architekturjournal Wettbewerbe - das Magazin für Baukultur: Aufbau eines Raumbeobachtungssystems in Südosteuropa
(Editorial 309)

After a successful Kick-off Meeting in Budapest in October 2012, the Attract-SEE Initial Conference took place in Ljubljana on 13th of December 2012. More than 60 participants used this event as an opportunity for a constructive dialogue about challenges in the field of territorial monitoring and ways to overcome them. 

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This project is partially funded under the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

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